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Your pathway to transformation into a lifelong journey of health, happiness, and fulfillment:

Feel Good Foundations

Feel Good Foundations is a FREE five day email mini-course featuring easy,  sustainable, and health-affirming habits, ensuring a strong, joyful foundation for a lifetime of wellness.  Consider it a treasure chest of health and happiness wisdom landing right in your inbox every day for 5 days! Feel Good Foundations is designed just for you if you are feeling out of touch with your body and running on a hamster wheel of neglect and guilt!  Let me be your guide, cheerleader, and wellness buddy all rolled into one!

Introducing my FREE 5 Day Email Mini Course

Get access to the 5 best, fail-proof (if you do it) strategies for creating your personal

  • Rise and shine like a superhero! Start your day with a bang, firing up your mind and soul. With a fresh burst of energy, you'll be all set to tackle your goals with a grin and an adventurous spirit. Let's go get 'em!

  • Indulge in scrumptious and healthy bites, giving your body and soul the rocket fuel they deserve. Get ready to feel like a superhero, with a beaming smile and a body that's ready to take on the world!

  • Get ready to boogie and shake those tail feathers! It's time to find the fitness moves that make your heart sing, so you can dance your way to an active and healthy lifestyle. Who says exercise can't be fun? Let's get moving and enjoy the physical and mental benefits! 

  • Unlock the mysteries of the perfect snooze and chill-out session, and you'll be a master of recharging your batteries, leaving stress in the dust, and skyrocketing your productivity like never before! 

  • Create a life that's a perfect blend of work and play! Let your commitments and passions dance in tune, as you sashay towards a happier, more satisfying life!

Hello, I'm Erica, a certified professional coach, personal trainer, and nutrition coach dedicated to guiding women over 40 towards vibrant and fulfilling lives. With my experience in overcoming personal health challenges like exercise bulimia and body dysmorphia, I've developed a holistic approach to wellness that transcends traditional fitness and diet paradigms. My philosophy centers on empowering women to nourish their bodies and minds without judgment, embracing a journey that encompasses physical health, mental clarity, and emotional well-being. In the "Feel Good Foundations" mini-course, I share this approach, guiding you through essential wellness elements tailored for life after 40.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together, discovering a harmonious blend of health and happiness.

Meet Your Coach:

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