“Life moves pretty fast and if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” ~Ferris Bueller


I think we all wished we could be more like Ferris. He entered into unknowns with wild abandon, didn't have a shred of self-doubt, knew when to famously take a day off, and finally, waxed poetic about not only his own place in the future, but that of his friends and family, too.  He does all of that and still made it home in time for dinner!


Life does move pretty fast!  And, it is pretty amazing, even when it isn’t. 


Sometimes, it feels like we are hamsters on the wheel of life, running and running with no plan to stop and look around - or no idea how to stop and look around. 


Your goals and plans could be anything - 


**Wellness goals

**Career Goals

**Location Goals

**Education Goals

**Creativity Goals

**Communication Goals 


The #LMFCreateYourPlan Workshop was originally created for YOU, if you 


**Feel stuck 

**Have a Desire to Change Something in your life 

**Want/Need to Slow Down

**Experience Mild Anxiety or Depression

**Fear the Unknown

**Fear Failure

**Are Not Sure What You Want

**Know exactly what you want but not sure where to start


**Are experiencing Pandemic Fatigure- it’s real and it’s hard. We are tired, sad, sometimes angry, and struggling in our own different ways.


Meet the Five Stable Stepping Stones you can use to anchor yourself to your path. My workshop provides the opportunity and space of NO JUDGEMENT to share, re-focus, re-set, and re-define what moving forward means to each of us as individuals.


The next workshop is scheduled for Summer 2021.

Contact me for more details.