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So, what is life coaching?

Life coaching is a partnership between a coach and the person who hires the life coach. Life coaching is asking, listening, clarifying, soundboarding, reflecting, challenging you and witnessing your transformations. It is checking in with where are you are now and creating the bridge of alignment to close the gap to where you want to be.

Life coaching assists and supports you in your exploration of what is inside of you and all that is possible for you. It provides the space to bring out the answers as well as create the action plans to move you toward your visions, goals or challenges.

Life coaching is an investment in YOU! You are your own greatest resource!

Your life coach need not be and is often not an expert on the subject of the challenge or goal you wish to achieve. Instead, your life coach is an expert at supporting you as you uncover your own answers and discover your own unique potential for growth.

Life coaching is about asking you questions ......

Sometimes ........ even rigorously hard empowering questions.

Questions that may require time to answer.

Questions that may need you to close your eyes and sit quietly for a bit to feel or intuitively know and then ultimately trust the answers that emerge from deep inside you.

Sometimes, you may find the answers....

In your head.

In your heart.

In your gut.

And/or maybe even sometimes the answers manifest as a physical sensation somewhere on your body.

This is the beginning of the bridge of alignment between where you are and where you want to be.

Working with a life coach will help you identify and work through the obstacles, limiting beliefs or “stuff“ that just keeps getting in your way. It can also help you connect with your motivation or uncover the cause of your lack of motivation with arrows pinpointing any resistance to change.

Its essential to find the life coach that is the most brilliant fit for you! The life coach you choose must stand on the belief that all that you need is within YOU! There are thousands of life coaches .... even tens of thousands of life coaches out there. And for everyone one of them there are that many types of coaching styles.

To learn more about my coaching style, “say hey” to me on the “contact me“ form below! Or drop me an email me at for a free 30 minute “getting to know you” opportunity.

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