Balance above Lake Awosting

Personal Training

Movement is necessary for the health and well being of our bodies, our minds and our spirits.  

I believe that there is a movement or exercise program available for all.....


All ages.

All sizes.

All body challenges.

I also believe in the collaborative relationship of the personal trainer and the client. Your focus, dedication and strength are our foundation of the success we will achieve towards your goal. Together we will move through the learning curves and the stepping stones we all experience on our fitness journeys.

My goal as your personal trainer is to find the movement or exercise program that is best for you!

Together, we will examine where you are in the moment, what your movement or exercise program has been to date, what challenges your body may be experiencing, what your goals and expectations are, and what motivates you and how you like to be motivated!  

Once we’ve looked at all those pieces of the puzzle we begin moving!  



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